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Planning baby shower recipes

Being put in charge of planning the menu for a baby shower can be somewhat stressful for a number of reasons. For example, you have to ensure that all the guests, including the new mother-to-be, are satisfied with the variety of baby shower recipes prepared. It is best to select baby shower recipes from different categories, which include hot beverages, cold beverages, vegetables and fruits, cakes, appetizers and snacks, candy, as well as cookies. This will ensure that you provide a wide variety of dishes, thus guaranteeing that your guests leave with a full tummy. You should also always enquire about whether the mother-to-be has any pregnancy cravings, food allergies, or strong food dislikes. This will be of great help when catering to your guest of honour; making her baby shower even more memorable.













Considerations when planning Baby Shower Recipes

When busy planning your baby shower recipes, you need to consider the following: What time of day is the baby shower?

Your baby shower recipes and food need to reflect the respective time of day. For example, if you have a baby shower in the morning, breakfast type of foods would be more appropriate than dinner foods.

What is the baby shower theme?

It is a great idea to try and incorporate your theme into the baby shower recipes. Preparing recipes to match your theme will add an extra touch to the baby shower. Not only will the theme of the baby shower be emphasized, but it will also contribute to the atmosphere and impress all guests attending. Food should always be fun at a baby shower!

How many people are coming to the baby shower?

If a lot of people (more than 15) are coming, it is going to be hard work preparing a meal for everyone. Consider appetizers, beverages, and finger food in such a case. Soups and sandwiches might also be a good idea. If you only have a small group (less than 10) are coming, then a full meal might not be too much work. It all depends on how much effort you are willing to put into the baby shower menu.

What types of people are coming to the baby shower?

In this context, the word “type” means the following: are your guests more the “shrimp platter with vinaigrette salad wraps” type or “BBQ chicken and potato salad” type? You should know your guests and plan the baby shower recipes accordingly.

How much time do you have before the baby shower?

Chances are that you do not have too much spare time available. So, simple is best. However, simple does not have to be boring or plain, but rather selecting the baby shower recipes that are fast and easy to prepare. Find simple yet delicious beverages, snacks, and appetizers. Prepare as few or as many baby shower recipes as you think will satiate the guests.

Is anyone going to help you prepare the baby shower recipes?

In order to help you save a lot of time and work, you should assign several other family members and friends of the mother-to-be to help you in the preparation of the baby shower recipes. You will thus have time to plan other things too. Having a few people each bring one or two baby shower recipes will save you a lot of work. This will ensure that you do not have to run around on the day of the baby shower, but take comfort in the fact that the party food is taken care of.

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