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Baby Shower planning guide

Step 1: Decide on a date

Enquire from the expectant mother when she would like to have her baby shower. Most baby showers are held a month or two before the baby is due. Do not schedule it around major holidays, as no-one will show up. More people will also attend the baby shower over weekends when they have free time on their hands.

Step 2: Choose a location

The location should be based on the number of people who will attend the baby shower. If it’s a small group of people, then someone’s house could be perfect. However, if it’s a large group of people, then consider holding it in a large room, such as your local church or community hall. During summer, a park or someone’s backyard would be ideal.

Step 3: Buy invitations

A gender specific baby shower could be perfect if the baby’s gender is known. A blue and green colour scheme for boys, and pink if it’s a girl. Get the full list of names and addresses of the people invited, and mail out invitations two or three weeks beforehand.

Step 4: Buy decorations

Do not leave this until the last minute. Buy decorations according to the colour scheme decided on in step 3. Plan how you would like the location be decorated and what furniture is needed. Decorate the tables and rest of the room with tablecloths, baby shower confetti, balloons, and flowers. Baby toys or blocks also make for cute decorations.













Step 5: Buy food

Decide whether a whole meal or only finger foods will be served at the baby shower. If you decide on the latter, consider cheese and crackers, chips and dip, salad, cut up fruit, muffins, and veggies and dip. Also serve water with punch or lemon. Always remember to purchase food for twice as many people actually coming to the baby shower, as some does not RSVP but still pitch up.

Step 6: Take pictures

Any baby shower would not be complete without taking pictures. Take pictures of the expectant mother socializing with all the guests. A good idea is to put disposable cameras at strategic tables for guests to take pictures throughout the baby shower.

Step 7: Play games

Play games for a certain period of the baby shower. Provide simple prizes, like lotions or candles.

Step 8: Serve up ice cream and cake, and also open gifts

While everyone is eating ice cream and cake, let the expectant mother open all the gifts. Write down what gifts were given and by whom. Let someone hand the expectant mother her gifts, while another person takes the opened gifts from her. The expectant mother should also be already provided with thank you cards to give to those who showered her with gifts.

Step 9: Have fun

Planning a baby shower is hard work; thus ensure you take some time to enjoy the food, guests, and just have some fun at the baby shower. When people start to leave, thank them for attending the baby shower.

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