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The importance of baby sleep techniques

Practice and training, and a lot of it too, are expected from both baby and parents to help baby sleep through the night. There are a lot of different baby sleep techniques, all of which may be effective at one point or another. Deciding on the baby sleep technique that works well for you requires a certain amount of patience and persistence.

Different Baby Sleep Techniques

Sleep Training

During the baby sleep technique that is sleep training, babies are allowed to cry until they fall asleep. If you make use of this baby sleep technique, you should firstly determine how long you are willing to let baby cry before offering comfort. You should begin with a small number of minutes and gradually increase over time. Keep in mind that very young babies should not be left to cry for long.














Like adults, babies often wake through the night. The baby sleep technique called soothing involves you as parent talking in a soothing voice while patting him, putting his favourite blanket over him, or simply giving him a pacifier. Rocking him for a while may be enough to get him back to sleep.


Parents should at all times be on the look-out for cues that baby is sleepy. If you wait until baby is so tired that his eyes droop, it may reduce the amount of time he sleeps. Baby might struggle to settle down and stay asleep for long periods of time if he is overtired. Instead, the baby sleep technique of timing can be used to start your baby’s sleep routine well in advance during this extremely tired state.


Creating a sleeping routine is an effective baby sleep technique that will help baby realize it is time to sleep. It is a good idea to minimize sound and maintain low lighting around the time you would like baby to fall asleep. This will eventually show your baby it is time for bed. You can even add a bath or a book to signal to your baby that bedtime is near. Whatever routine you establish, use this baby sleep technique consistently, so your baby learns to associate it with sleep time.

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