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Breastfeeding chair features

  • All Rocker Glider chairs have 3 adjustable reclining positions – upright, middle or back
  • Matching Ottoman with a similar gliding mechanism
  • Solid wood construction ensures that the frame of the chair is sturdy and durable
  • Easy to clean solid wooden frame
  • Removable cushions and covers for easy re-adjustment and cleaning
  • Comfortable cushions that won’t lump or sag and are covered in woven fabrics that won’t fray
  • Latest Suede fabric cushions also available
  • Fabric used on the Rocker Glider chair and Ottoman is hand washable
  • High padded back for support, padded arms, and dense-foam seat cushions
  • Smooth gliding mechanism, incorporating high quality ball bearing system, thereby enabling a smooth horizontal gliding motion (i.e. limited swivel action)

Get your rocking breastfeeding chair

When selecting any piece of baby furniture for the nursery, including a breastfeeding chair, new mothers and mothers-to-be should ensure that they are satisfied with the comfort level of the specific item.  There is nothing as bad as spending a little fortune on something just to realize later on that the products does not really fulfil all your needs.  This also applies to the breastfeeding chair.  You as a mother will spend a great deal of time in the breastfeeding chair whilst breastfeeding your newborn baby.  Thus if you do not feel comfortable when sitting in it, chances are that you will hate the whole process of breastfeeding.  This will impact negatively on your baby, seeing as he or she will sense that you are uncomfortable.

Apart from the comfort offered by the breastfeeding chair, there are also some other considerations to keep in mind.  Most important is probably the cost component.  The price of nursery furniture has skyrocketed over the last couple of years.  Because a breastfeeding chair has become so essential for the nursery, new parents do not really have much of a choice but to make a purchase.  You as parents should see it as an investment if you know that you want more children in future. 













Quality breastfeeding chair design

The sturdiness of the breastfeeding chair will be determined by the type of material used.  As is the case with most other baby furniture pieces, the breastfeeding chair is mostly manufactured from wood.  Next up is the hardness or softness of the chair.  This usually depends on the preference of you as the mother.  Because your shoulders and back push directly against the chair, they could potentially become sore over a prolonged period of time.  However, padding that outlines the seat could eliminate this problem.  Foot- and armrests further enhance the comfort level of the breastfeeding chair

Mothers who are currently in the breastfeeding stage with their little one will tell you that it can be quite a messy process.  That is why all breastfeeding chairs available on the market nowadays come fitted with a chair covering of some kind.  A washable covering is usually the best choice.  The size of the breastfeeding chair will mostly depend on whether or not you already have other children.  You should take into account the possibility that your other children would want to sit near or next to you while you breastfeed the newborn.  There should be enough space so as to avoid any difficulty.

Carefully consider all of the above when selecting the best breastfeeding chair for you and your baby.  Rather take some time searching for the perfect breastfeeding chair than making a purchase on impulse which you will only regret later. 

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