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Function of childbirth methods

The unknown of what is taking place during birth creates tension, which leads to pain and which subsequently creates more fear. Many women are thus caught with a fear-tension-pain syndrome that is the culprit of their painful births. The main purpose of childbirth methods is thus to prepare mothers-to-be what to expect during a normal birth or labour ahead of time. Childbirth methods also presents alternative ways to alleviate pain rather than relying on an epidural.

Types of Childbirth Methods


This is the oldest and most popular method of childbirth preparation. It emphasizes distraction via active concentration, using patterned breathing through contractions, and relying on focal points.

Bradley Method

This childbirth method promotes natural childbirth, good nutrition during pregnancy, and using a husband/partner as a coach during labour. Coaches assist mothers-to-be to relax by using massage, hot/cold presses, positive affirmations, and general support.


This particular childbirth method teaches mothers-to-be to use self-hypnosis to achieve an inner state of calm and peace.













McMoyler Method

This method of childbirth emphasizes the idea that childbirth is not competition and encourages mothers-to-be to be more flexible in their birth plans. The main goal of a McMoyler birth is not necessarily a natural birth, but rather a healthy child and a healthy mother.

Benefits of Childbirth Methods

It is a well known fact that mothers who went through a positive birth experience feel more satisfied and empowered than those whose birth outcomes did not go according to their birth plans. Childbirth methods do not guarantee an ideal birthing experience; however, they do at least leave mothers prepared with knowledge regarding what to expect and how to act. A labour without pain medication or artificial augmentation is more advantageous for the baby. Labours with fewer interventions decrease the risk of a cesarean section, which raises the risk of neonatal death. Epidurals could reach the baby and pose negative health effects.

Effects of Childbirth Methods

Though slightly different, all childbirth methods have the following in common:

  • Movement during labour;
  • Pushing while squatting or leaning (not lying on your back;
  • Making use of a support person;
  • Being completely relaxed; and
  • Creating a birth plan outlining your desires for birth.

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