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What is some pre-planning christening etiquette

Before you schedule the date of the christening, contact any close family or friends who you want in attendance. Pay special consideration to those who are from out of town. You should try to accommodate everyone’s schedule when planning a christening in order to avoid hurting their feelings or making them feel left out.

The godparents of your baby should be chosen wisely. Enquire whether the prospective godparents can take on this role as soon as possible before the christening takes place. It is good christening etiquette to allow the prospective godparents as much time as possible to decide whether they will accept this responsibility.

Picking out christening invitations is an important christening etiquette. Christening invitations should be either white or off-white in colour. In addition to the christening ceremony details, the christening invitations should feature a bible, a cross, or any other similar religious symbol. Christening ceremony invitations should be sent out a couple of weeks beforehand to give guests time to free their calendars.













Information on Christening Ceremony Etiquette

It is good christening etiquette to arrive early for the christening ceremony. You as parents should have enough time to dress the baby in his christening gown before the christening ceremony begin. Like the christening invitations, the christening gown should also be white or off-white in colour, and is generally lacy or frilly in nature. You, together with your guests, should be dressed in business casual to business attire. Together with other prayers, the customary words, "I baptize you in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit" are pronounced as water is sprinkled or poured over your baby. It is also acceptable for some churches to immerse your baby in water instead.

What does Post-Ceremony Christening Etiquette involve?

It is good christening etiquette to take pictures of the parents, godparents, and baby with the priest/minister at the church after the christening ceremony has concluded. Some of the other family and friends would most likely also like to be photographed. It is customary for the priest/minister to be invited to the christening party held after the christening is over. Either coffee or tea together with cake, or a full meal, can be served to those attending the christening party. Either way, guests will likely give your child presents such as a bible or cross. It is good post-ceremony christening etiquette to send a personalized thank-you note to each guest shortly after the day the christening was held.

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