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Baby Furniture Product Specials in South Africa

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Cot Manufacturing

A CNC Router is used to cut, trim and shape a wide variety of materials including wood, plastic, composites, foam, honeycomb core and non-ferrous metals into either flat or three-dimensional shaped products. These fast accurate machines are used by a wide variety of manufacturing industries including woodworking, plastic, aerospace, automotive, boating, medical and defense.

Thermwood builds a wide selection of systems in both 3 and 5 axis configurations, from low cost packages for small shops to aerospace packages capable of machining small and large parts in a single setup.

Thermwood is the leading manufacturer of automated production wood carving systems in the world offering eight spindle, single table and ten spindle, dual table systems capable of flat or three dimensional production carving. In addition, all Thermwood CNC routers are capable of executing carving programs.

Thermwood CNC systems utilize an advanced next generation CNC control and advanced networked, intelligent servo drives, a combination that offers valuable features, some available only from Thermwood, that have a significant impact on productivity, throughput and profit. 

 For example, carving programs can be scaled up or down, by axis, right at the control, a feature no one else offers.

Thermwood machines are engineered structures, designed using the most advanced CAD/CAM and structural analysis. All weldments are fully stress relieved and the final machine is laser calibrated to assure accuracy, including three-dimensional volumetric compensation, a feature not available from any other system in this market.
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