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How to breastfeed

Breastfeeding is an important element in the life of both the newborn and you as its mother. Not only does breastfeeding satisfy your baby’s hunger, it also performs other critical functions such as enhancing your newborn’s immunity, creating a bond between your child and yourself, as well as helping you as new mother lose some extra weight gained during the course of pregnancy. Nutrition experts and doctors consider breastfeeding as the best possible way to nourish an infant. Apart from providing babies with everything they need during their first few months, breast milk continues to be beneficial for a long period of time afterward.

It should be noted though that breastfeeding is a learned skill that takes practice to perfect. Application of the correct breastfeeding techniques can result in a long successful and enjoyable nursing phase.













Instructions on How to Breastfeed

Be Comfortable during Breastfeeding

Step 1

Decide on a comfortable and an appropriate location to breastfeed your baby, preferably a happy and calming place. Whether it is the baby’s nursery, your bedroom, or simply a favourite spot somewhere inside or outside the house, you should always try to breastfeed your little one in the same place. By doing this, your baby will adjust to the location and as a result get ready to nurse upon reaching or seeing that specific spot.

Step 2

Make yourself comfortable. For support, use cushions or pillows. Comfort is of the utmost importance during this phase.

Step 3

Both you and your baby should be calm. Humming or singing is a good way to calm babies.

How to Hold your Baby during Breastfeeding

Step 1

While relaxing, choose a comfortable position either lying down or sitting.

Step 2

Hold your baby comfortably. There are a variety of positions in which to hold your baby.

Step 3

Lift your baby slightly so that his/her chin touches your breast.

Step 4

While breastfeeding your baby, ensure that you sit straight. This applies when nursing while sitting down. Your baby should be positioned in such a way as to reach your breast comfortably.

Step 5

Consider breastfeeding your baby in a lying down position at night. This will aid in minimally disturbing your baby when he/she falls asleep.

How to Latch your Baby during Breastfeeding

Step 1

Cup your breast in your hand and tickle baby’s lips with the nipple.


When baby’s mouth is wide open, bring it on to the breast. You should make sure that a large part of the areola (dark part of the breast), and breast are in your baby’s mouth. Your baby’s tongue should be rolled and its lower lip should be curled out. A good latch is indicated by gentle sucking and swallowing sounds.

Step 3

If your baby fails to latch correctly the first time, then try again. Soreness and pain are prevented through correct latching. Correct latching can thus lead to enjoyable breastfeeding sessions.

Step 4

Break the suction of breastfeeding by inserting your finger from the corner of your baby’s mouth when he/she is done nursing on your breast. This is usually indicated by either an empty breast feeling or baby becoming sleepy. Breastfeeding takes about 10 to 15 minutes of nursing on each side.

Step 5

Follow the same steps to breastfeed baby on the other side.

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