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How to know if you are pregnant

Am I pregnant? This is a question that could change your life forever. Even though a positive home pregnancy test is the easiest way to confirm your suspicion, there are also other common signs and symptoms that may signal a pregnancy. Some women will experience many of these signs and symptoms, while others will not experience any. It is also interesting to take note that the same woman could experience different signs and symptoms with different pregnancies. Thus, until you undergo a home pregnancy test, you can consider the following signs and symptoms as basis guidelines to determine whether you are pregnant or not.

The Signs and Symptoms of Pregnancy:

Implantation bleeding

This is one of the earliest signs of pregnancy and usually occurs 6-12 days after ovulation. Implantation bleeding is the term when the embryo implants into the uterine wall. During implantation, some women also report a slight “pain” or “twinge” in their abdomen.

Missed period

Pregnancy is the most common reason for a missed period. It is best to take a home pregnancy test when you missed a period or if your period is several days late.













Breast changes

Tender or swollen breasts are the result of elevated hormone levels. If your breasts are also tender and a bit swollen before your period, it may be tough to determine if it is caused by pregnancy. Darkening of the areolas is also experienced by some women during pregnancy.


Although it is frequently labeled “morning sickness”, nausea can occur anytime of the day or night during pregnancy. This symptom usually occurs 2-8 weeks after conception.


Elevated levels of progesterone are responsible for the exhaustion experienced during pregnancy. It may occur as early as 1 week after conception.

Frequent urination

More frequent urination is a good sign of pregnancy. However, this does not occur until several weeks into pregnancy.

Elevated Basal Body Temperature (BBT)

This is a very reliable symptom for women who use the BBT method to track ovulation. BBT rises with ovulation and falls when menstruation begins. A good sign of pregnancy is when your BBT stays elevated.


Frequent, mild headaches may be the result of changing hormone levels.


During early pregnancy some women experience cramping similar to menstrual cramps.


The above signs and symptoms are very common during pregnancy. However, several other signs and symptoms that are not as common may also occur. These include food aversions or cravings, constipation, mood swings, backaches, feeling faint, bloating, sensitivity to odors, yeast infections, and increased “creamy” cervical mucus.

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