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Importance of baby's sleep schedule

Babies’ sleep schedules are of great importance to not only the health and development of a newborn baby, but also to ensure adequate mental and physical growth patterns. Babies’ sleep schedules ensures that both baby and parents get enough sleep at intermittent levels throughout the day to rest and rejuvenate themselves and prepare for the day’s activities.

Significance of Babies’ Sleep Schedules

Babies’ sleep schedules are responsible for putting baby and parents on a timetable concerning the feeding time, activity time, and interaction time. Babies’ sleep schedules are thus seen as an important foundation concerning the daily activities of each baby. While lying in his crib to sleep, the baby is allowed the independence to be away from his parents.













Types of Babies’ Sleep Schedules

There are many different types of babies’ sleep schedules. One baby’s sleep schedule may differ a lot from another baby’s sleep schedule. Babies’ sleep schedules for each day of the week are planned around the various activities of baby. Some of the activities include doctor appointments, arrival of babysitters, day care, or visiting friends and family.

Time Frame concerning Babies’ Sleep Schedules

The time frame concerning babies’ sleep schedules are very different for each baby. You as parents will also notice that the time frame concerning babies’ sleep schedules changes as the baby develops and grows. It is estimated that a newborn baby should get at least two hours of sleep four times per day. New parents also would have experienced that newborn babies rarely sleep through the night and tend to waken every couple of hours. As time passes, babies’ sleep schedules become less conforming; babies of four to six months of age tend to take only two, one-hour naps throughout the day and they will also begin to sleep throughout the night without interruption. Babies of twelve of age may begin to take fewer naps throughout the day with only having one 30-minute or 60-minute nap.

Effects of Babies’ Sleep Schedules

The effect of babies’ sleep schedules on baby and parents are that they feel refreshed and ready for the day ahead. In order to maintain a healthy immune system, newborn babies need up to four hours of sleep during daytime on top of sleeping at night. While the baby is sleeping, healthy bones begin to form as well as the immune system fighting of illness 

Considerations regarding Babies’ Sleep Schedules

If at all possible, babies’ sleep schedules should not be interrupted on a frequent basis. Interruption in babies’ sleep schedules can lead to irritability and falling of schedule from designated feeding times. Keeping babies’ sleep schedules and sticking to it are essential in the overall health of the baby.

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