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Function of maternity clothes

Maternity clothes have the function of not only providing a pregnant woman with comfort and room for her expanding belly, but also keeping her in style at the same time. All maternity clothes, including tops, skirts, dresses, and bottoms are designed for comfort, fashion, and function. Maternity undergarments are an essential piece of maternity clothing as it adds support for heavy breasts and a growing uterus. During the course of pregnancy, a woman’s back will endure a lot of strain and pressure; maternity clothes like a maternity belt, a tummy sleeve, or supportive panties which extend over the stomach to below the breasts would thus be of great help.

Types of Maternity Clothes

Women wear different size clothes before pregnancy; maternity clothes are no different and also vary in size and length to accommodate different body types. Pregnant women have a choice between small, medium, large, and extra large size maternity clothes, as well as petite, regular, and tall lengths. Plus size maternity clothes are also available to larger women. The pre-pregnancy size is the size pregnant women will use for their maternity clothes as well. This applies to all kinds of maternity clothes.













Features of Maternity Clothes

Maternity dresses

This piece of maternity clothing is made roomy to accommodate baby’s growth; it often has tiebacks to make the fit more flattering.

Maternity tops

Maternity tops are wider and longer than non-maternity tops, which means this piece of maternity clothing provide maximum coverage to conceal a woman’s stomach.

Maternity bottoms

All maternity bottoms (shorts, pants, skirts, etc.) have either elastic on the sides, drawstrings, or a panel of mixed spandex material for an expanding midsection. This piece of maternity clothing come in skinny, boot cut, wide-leg, flare, or straight-leg. Maternity bottoms have a stretchy area for the stomach to rest comfortably.

Benefits of Maternity Clothes

Women want to look good always, even more so when they are pregnant. However, it is a fact that pregnancy is responsible for many changes in a woman’s body. Thus, not only do pregnant women want to feel good, but they also want to look good. Maternity clothes can be of great help to pregnant women who want to keep their style even when temporarily giving up their figures. Pregnant women can thus literally dress to impress with the help of maternity clothes and feel confident in knowing that they can compete with non-pregnant women as far as style and looks are concerned.

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