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Nursery Furniture Sets for sale in South Africa from Baby Furniture Direct

Contact Baby Furniture Direct for the best advice on all types of nursery furniture sets. Baby Furniture Showroom is open in Johannesburg / Sandton. Come and pay a visit to our nursery furniture outlet store.

When you are a first time mother to be you will be faced with quite a number of challenges.  This will range from keeping yourself healthy and less stressed (although it might seem quite impossible at times) but the challenge of the baby nursery will also become a reality for you.

The best way to deal with these situations will be to take it easy and allow the professionals to assist as would be the case with your health and also with the nursery and baby furniture. There are times though that you feel a flow of creativity and would rather design the nursery as you do not prefer the “nursery furniture sets catalogue” look.













Choosing the Best Nursery Furniture outlet in South Africa

Furnishing your nursery room is always exciting, especially when it comes to buying brand-new furniture and accessories. With a wide variety of products to choose from, you can benefit from purchasing from a reliable supplier in South Africa, so that you can benefit from high quality items at an affordable price.

There are so many wonderful items that you can buy for your nursery; from cribs and cot beds, to drawers, chairs and accessories. You can truly make your nursery look amazing and comfortable at the same time. A good idea is to buy multiple items simultaneously so that you can benefit from having them in the same colour or style to complement your entire room. Buying from one supplier is also a good idea as you can ensure that the products are the same quality – and of course make your shopping easier!

Quality and affordable nursery furniture sets.

  • Safety is the most important factor and should be the first step in planning the nursery. Regarding the room itself, make sure that all plugs have protective covers attached; all switches are out of reach and windows securely lockable.
  • When it comes to the nursery furniture adherence to safety regulations is very important for both the manufacturer and the user. Make sure all nursery furniture items have the stamp of safety approval and never purchase any furniture item that has not been tested and approved.
  • Second in importance would be your budget. Although safety is very important, it doesn’t mean that you have to purchase the top of the range nursery furniture sets at an exorbitant amount. Rather look for competitive prices that could sometimes mean an item that does not carry a name brand but be sure that these items at the same time has been tested and approved.
  • There are some items though that cannot be regarded less important when it comes to quality. Some examples are bedding and all materials used throughout the nursery.  All bedding should be of a breathable material and versatile in the way that it will keep baby warm in winter and cool in summer. It should not be too heavy and bulky as this could cause suffocation. Rather choose a duvet that fits the cot perfectly than having to fold it in any way. Curtains should be a light colour to let the light in but thick enough to keep the sun out. It should be easily washable as well.
  • Planning the layout of the room is just as important. If you do not know how much space you have you are bound to purchase nursery furniture set that could be too big or too small for the size of the room. Measure the floor size and the height of the walls before purchasing any nursery furniture, curtains or shelves.

Buy from a leading nursery furniture supplier

Baby Furniture Direct specialises in high quality nursery furniture in South Africa. Not only do we allow our customers to enjoy viewing our products online, but we also make sure that we supply only the best in quality and affordability. We have a wide range of nursery furniture to offer and this makes us a leading supplier for all your baby furniture needs. You can compare different items online by browsing through our catalogue, or you can contact us directly for a quotation. We also have regular specials available to you.

Having the ability to compare different products before you buy is a great benefit of any online shop in South Africa. In addition to nursery furniture we also provide high quality wendy house furniture and linen. We have been in business since 1982 and we always aim to provide the widest variety of products to our customers. When it comes to nursery furniture, you can always rely on Baby Furniture Direct. We deliver our nursery furniture across South Africa and allow you to buy directly from us online. Ask about our delivery fees.

Baby Furniture Direct is a leading provider of nursery furniture in South Africa. We make sure that you get a wide variety of products to choose from and enjoy quality items with modern, stylish finishes. Please visit us online to view our range of products. 

Click here for online enquiries if you are at all unsure of how to successfully design, purchase and furnish the baby nursery. Visit our baby furniture showroom in Johannesburg, South Africa.

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