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Why put a pregnancy scrapbook together

Putting a pregnancy scrapbook together helps you to remember the joyous, wonderful period of your pregnancy forever. It gives you as mother-to-be the opportunity to record your thoughts during pregnancy. Pregnancy scrapbooks will become family history; something that can be shared with the child when he is older. Pregnancy scrapbooks are also a way to connect with feelings regarding the unborn baby and record milestones of the pregnancy and the baby’s early life.

Pregnancy Scrapbooking Ideas:

Cards from the Baby Shower

Chances are that you will receive some really sweet and cute cards at your baby shower. Keep them and include a few favourites in the pregnancy scrapbook. Decide whether you would like to include the entire card, or only pieces of the cards.

Month-by-Month Belly Shots

Track the progress of your belly’s expansion by taking a photo of it each month. Use these shots to make a time-line of photos spread over several pages in the pregnancy scrapbook or use each photo as the start of a month and label it.

Ultrasound Pages

During the course of your pregnancy, you will have some ultrasounds done. These little photos are absolute keepsakes for the pregnancy scrapbook. Make use of pens and sticky notes to point out different body parts which can be identified.













Parenting Advice

Have parents, grandparents, other family members, and friends write down advice on small pieces of paper shaped like leaves. Use a piece of paper to make a tree with bare branches which fills most of the page in the pregnancy scrapbook. Attach the “advice leaves” to the tree branches.

Letter to Baby

Write a letter to your baby and attach it in the pregnancy scrapbook. Tell him how excited you are to give birth to him and to see him for the first time. Express how you felt when you heard you were pregnant and talk about your dreams for him. Most importantly, tell baby how much you love him and how your love for him grows each day. 

Journal Entries

Keep journals regarding things that took place during your pregnancy, and include it in the pregnancy scrapbook. These could include aversions, cravings, or any other things. You will have fun looking back later and remembering what you were thinking or what happened during pregnancy.

Labour Day and First Photos

Dedicate some pages in the pregnancy scrapbook to the day you gave birth. Include dates, times, photos, notes, and similar information. Have the baby’s father record his thoughts on seeing his newborn for the first time. Include photos of baby with parents, grandparents, and other family members present.

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