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How to obtain baby's birth certificate

Before your baby is discharged from hospital, the hospital staff is responsible for providing you as parents with an uncertified copy of the baby’s birth certificate. However, you should note that this copy will not be accepted for any purpose where a certified birth certificate is required as it is not the official birth certificate. Official birth certificates may be obtained from the Department of Home Affairs six to eight weeks after birth. It usually takes this long for the hospital to complete birth certificates and then send them along to the Department of Home Affairs where parents can apply for them. Additional copies of the birth certificate may also be requested at any time; a minimal fee will apply to each birth record search.

What is required to get Baby’s Birth Certificate?

The following information will be required each time a certified copy of a birth certificate is applied for:

Completed Form and Fee

Call or visit the Department of Home Affairs to enquire where you can access the form that must be filled out in order to receive baby’s birth certificate. The necessary forms can be picked up in person and it is most likely also available online. A specified fee will also accompany the birth certificate application; it should be paid before the birth certificate will be provided.













Proof of Relation and Photo ID

Certain rules are present which govern who has the authority to obtain a baby’s birth certificate. It must be a person related to the child with proof of relation. A legal representative of the child, such as a lawyer, also has permission to get the child’s birth certificate. A photo ID, such as your ID book or drivers license, is required to receive a child’s birth certificate. This is necessary to ensure the person is indeed who he says he is.

Date of Birth

The child’s date of birth is needed when applying for a birth certificate. The day, month, and year should be included here.

Child’s Full Name

In order for the Department of Home Affairs to find the correct birth certificate, the child’s full name as it appears on the birth certificate is necessary.

Mother’s Maiden Name

The mother’s name as it appears on the child’s birth certificate is also necessary in order to identify the correct birth certificate.

Father’s Full Name

When applying for a birth certificate for a child, the father’s full name is also required. This information is not necessary if no father is listed on the birth certificate.

Location of Birth

The child’s place of birth is necessary for the birth certificate application. The hospital of birth is not usually necessary information; however it may be helpful in some situations.

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