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Baby Furniture Product Specials in South Africa

Baby Furniture Product Specials

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Stokke Sleepi Crib

Stokke Sleepi Crib

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Stokke Sleepi Crib Stokke Sleepi Crib Stokke Sleepi Crib Stokke Sleepi Crib Stokke Sleepi Crib
Stokke Sleepi Crib Stokke Sleepi Crib Stokke Sleepi Crib Stokke Sleepi Crib Stokke Sleepi Crib
Stokke Sleepi Crib Stokke Sleepi Crib Stokke Sleepi Crib

As time draws near for you to start looking into the type and styles of baby furniture you need to purchase, you should certainly do a little homework and not just buy the first products you come across. Even though some of products you may find may appear to be the perfect fit for your baby nursery, the quality may not be of such a high standard which might force you to buy replacement products sooner than you think. It is also very important that you think long term functionality, which is achievable by furniture that can adjust to suit your child as they grow. The Stokke® Sleepi™ Convertible Cot is a high quality piece of baby furniture that will be utilized for year to come.

Starting off from birth the Stokke® Sleepi™ cot is used as is in its basic form. This should be sufficient for your baby to sleep in up to around 6 months. From here you can add the first extensions creating a larger area for your growing baby to fit comfortably. It is only at the age of around 18 months that you can remove the extension on the one side of the Stokke® Sleepi™ to create an entry and exit point in the cot allowing your child to get in and out of bed when they please. Once your baby reaches the age of three, the fit might become a little tight and you now have two options on what to do next. You can either purchase the Junior Extension creating an even large bed which will easily be more than enough up to the age of 10 years, or you can use the two curved sides of the Stokke® Sleepi™ convertible nursery cot as two separate chairs for your baby and his or her friends. Would it not be ideal to now purchase a cot for your baby that will be able to be used for the next ten years?

Even though the Stokke® Sleepi™ cot is very flexible when it comes to adjusting to your baby’s size, but it designed with a very modern yet homey feel to it. Using natural wood to construct the Stokke® Sleepi™ paired the stylish look and accessories gives the product a great appearance. Stokke® is renowned for delivering high quality baby furniture that is high in quality and built with your baby in mind. Contact Baby Furniture Direct to order you Stokke® Sleepi™ or to find out what other Stokke® and Baby Furniture products we have available.