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Baby Cots in South Africa

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Although baby cots are only used for a relatively short period of your child’s life, it is essential that you choose a high quality cot for your baby. Baby Furniture Direct is a leading supplier of baby cots in South Africa, supplying a wide range of cots, cribs and other baby furniture to our clients. Our baby furniture ranges at Baby Furniture Direct are very modern, yet timeless, and include innovative features like advanced protection, style and comfort.

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About baby cots from Baby Furniture Direct – South Africa’s number one baby furniture store

Every single piece throughout all our baby cot ranges have been manufactured according to the most stringent international safety standards, ensuring that we offer high quality and durable baby cots in South Africa to our clients.

Some of the manufacturing standards of the modern baby cots include:

  • Adherence to stipulated bar spacings.
  • Correct baby cot base depths.
  • Perfectly fitting mattresses.
  • Lockable wheels.

These safety features would not be as effective without the parents’ adherence to them though. If you are a first time parent, please read the following safety precautions and place your baby cot in accordance.

  • Do not include pillows into the baby cot bedding. Although it might look comfortable, it could lead to suffocation. Position the baby cot away from windows, curtains, doorways, stairways and drafts.
  • Do not place small toys in the baby cot as it could lead to choking. When baby grown older and is able to stand up, make sure that the sides are lifted to prevent baby from toppling over.

Wide varieties in colours, shapes and sizes further assures you that you can select the best quality baby cot that will suit your own tastes and interior needs as well. All accessories within our baby cot ranges would are colour coded to match the baby cot range. This will result in the perfect baby nursery look in an instant.

You are welcome to visit our Showroom to see our baby cots for yourself!

    How to choose the right baby cot in South Africa

    Choosing a baby cot is probably the most important part of furnishing your new baby’s room. Here are a few aspects to consider before purchasing a baby cot in South Africa:

    • Safety: Safety is the number one factor to consider when choosing a baby cot in South Africa. A few safety features would include:
    1. All components should be sturdy and durable
    2.  The baby cot finishes should be smooth and blunt, no sharp edges
    3.  The matrass should fit the cot interior perfectly
    4. The cot depth should be deep enough to prevent baby from falling out (at all levels)
    5.  Bars should be spaced close enough to prevent head entrapments 

    Make sure you choose a reputable baby cot supplier in South Africa for a safe and durable cot for your baby.

    • Space: Space is a big factor to consider when choosing a baby cot. The space you have available in the baby room will directly affect the cot size you choose. Not all rooms have enough space for a large cot, which is where smaller cribs and baby cots in South Africa will come in hand. Make sure to measure the size of the space available for the cot before buying a baby cot.
    • Quality and durability: Not all cots are manufactured from high quality material and the best manufacturing methods. Make sure that the baby cot you desire is sturdy and high quality, to ensure the cot will last for as long as you wish.
    • Price: The price of the baby cot should fit into the budget you have established for your baby room. Baby Furniture Direct makes it affordable for clients to purchase high quality and durable baby cots in South Africa at affordable prices.

    Contact Baby Furniture Direct today for more information about our baby cots in South Africa, or visit our showroom in Johannesburg to see our beautiful range of baby cots, cribs, pedestals and compactums available for your new baby’s room.

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