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Baby Cots for Sale in Gauteng, South Africa

Baby Furniture Direct, quality supplier of baby cots Gauteng

When you are planning to furnish the baby room, you might feel overwhelmed by the sheer variety of baby cots that are for sale in our Gauteng showroom as well as compactums, breastfeeding chairs, dressing tables and prams on the market, not to mention the huge variety of ornaments, accessories and toys. If you do not plan your baby shopping list with extreme caution, you might find yourself like many other parents with a room full of unnecessary items that clog up the room and had cost you a small fortune. It is therefore the wisest plan to properly design, research and budget for the baby nursery well in advance. But what do you buy first?













Baby Furniture Direct has a variety of baby cots for sale in Gauteng

According to studies it was found that the most important piece of baby furniture is the baby cot. There are many reasons why the purchase of a baby cot is detrimental to both parent and baby’s wellbeing. Here are some examples:

  • When baby sleeps in the parents’ bed, it does allow them to tend to baby with the least amount of effort, but the disadvantages are far more such as the fact that an adult mattress is far softer than necessary for baby’s spinal well being.
  • Adult bedding is more often than not over-sized to be able to accommodate both parents’ sleeping habits which could of course lead to suffocation of the baby. 
  • Although it might seem like you are doing baby an injustice by making him/her sleep alone, it is a far healthier approach to having both baby and parent enjoying a bit of their own relaxation time.
  • Further studies have also shown that when baby sleeps in his/her own cot from day one, it will considerably improve baby’s adaptability and independence through the rest of his/her life and well into adulthood.

Cots on offer are: Bubble cot, Sleigh cot, Italian cot, Eco Tiffany Sleigh cot, Moses crib.

In essence it is only the most responsible parent that would consider purchasing a baby cot and rather see it as an investment into baby’s healthy growth, development and independence than any other way. Baby Furniture Direct offer baby cots for sale in Gauteng.

Baby Furniture Direct
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  • Thank you once again! The rocker was just delivered and assembled. I am truly impressed with everything

    Samantha Kleynhans
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  • I have collected the Stokke products this morning. Will unpack tonight. Thanks for the good service and help.

  • Thank you for your good service and for always phoning me back. It’s been a pleasure dealing with you.

    Charlene Hefer
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