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Baby Shower

Game Ideas for baby showers

Guess Mom’s Tummy Size (Materials needed: yarn/string and scissors). Each woman should pull a piece of yarn to the size they think would fit around the centre of the pregnant tummy of the mother-to-be. After everyone cut their yarn, compare the results to the actual tummy size of the mother-to-be. The woman who is the closest wins a prize. read more

Baby shower planning guide

Enquire from the expectant mother when she would like to have her baby shower. Most baby showers are held a month or two before the baby is due. Do not schedule it around major holidays, as no-one will show up. More people will also attend the baby shower over weekends when they have free time on their hands. read more

Creating baby shower invitations













When you are throwing a baby shower, you should ensure that you create baby shower invitations which reflect the tone and theme of the event. Creating your own baby shower cards allows you to make personalized baby shower invitations that the guests will hold on to as keepsakes long after the baby shower is over. You should try and create baby shower invitations that both the guests and the guest of honor (mother-to-be) will love. read more

Gift Ideas for Baby showers

Create a Custom CD; If the parents enjoy music and you know their tastes, create them some custom CD’s. One for the delivery and one or two for the baby. Be on the look-out for baby music, lullabies, or other genres that the parents enjoy.read more

Baby Shower Activities

The majority of baby shower activities found at baby showers are mostly traditional, expected, and standard. It is usually not interesting or exciting at all. Baby shower activities such as “Guess Mom’s Tummy Size” and “Guess the Baby Item”, where the woman who comes closest to the correct answer wins a prize, is slowly making way for more modern baby shower activities. read more

Baby Shower Recipes

It is best to select baby shower recipes from different categories, which include hot beverages, cold beverages, vegetables and fruits, cakes, appetizers and snacks, candy, as well as cookies. This will ensure that you provide a wide variety of dishes, thus guaranteeing that your guests leave with a full tummy. read more

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