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Children's Furniture in Johannesburg, Gauteng

Baby Furniture Direct - distributors of children’s furniture in Gauteng

The days of having a “Mickey Mouse” bedroom with dark blue children’s furniture is long gone, with the focus today being for the children’s room to look as classy as the rest of any modern home. Children's rooms often become the main point of discussion between the ladies as every single detail such as the light fittings, curtains and accessories scrutinized and commented on. Essentially, the children’s room should have a double function, being the children's social area and a beautifully designed feature that will complement the rest of the home.

We pride ourselves in the modern range of nursery furniture that we have available to the South African public.













Baby Furniture Direct Manufactures modern Children's Furniture in Johannesburg, Gauteng

There are many taboos when it comes to children’s rooms and children's furniture regarding bedding, curtains, accessories, themes and even the correct type of children's furniture used. Here are a few examples:
  • Dark blue, yellow and green are mostly out unless they are all pastel colors which are then matched with creams, browns and whites.
  • Busy walls are a thing of the past as the main focus is not rather on the accessories that the walls. If you child prefers older cartoon characters, you should then much rather have a themed lamp instead of themed bedding, curtaining and wall decorations. This themed item will then be matched with neutral colors.
  • Polystyrene themed cut-outs are a definite no-no with today’s modern children's rooms. They look old and tacky and gather dust at the speed of light.
  • Gone are the days of hundreds of types of old and dirty teddy bears as when we had all over our window rails when we were children.  When displaying toys, it should be part of the same theme of the room and of a better quality as any displayed item would be a focal point.
  • When you set out to purchase children's furniture in Johannesburg, you should focus on purchasing furniture with important factors such as beauty, functionality and quality in mind. Instead of a rickety mini set of red and blue table and chairs, rather place a day bed or a futon for the children to lounge on.
When you approach any of our highly trained staff members at any of our branches of children's furniture in Gauteng, you can rest assured that you will be getting the best advice regarding baby furniture sets and you can be sure that Baby Furniture Direct’s expertise will be happy to assist.
Baby Furniture Direct
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  • Thank you once again! The rocker was just delivered and assembled. I am truly impressed with everything

    Samantha Kleynhans
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  • I have collected the Stokke products this morning. Will unpack tonight. Thanks for the good service and help.

  • Thank you for your good service and for always phoning me back. It’s been a pleasure dealing with you.

    Charlene Hefer
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