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Compactums at Baby Furniture

Compactums - a must have in your baby nursery

Compactums are usually one of the first pieces of nursery furniture that you as parent will decorate the nursery with. This is due to the variety of functions it serves. Compactums come in all colors, sizes, and even shapes. Parents can thus choose a compactum according to the color scheme of the nursery, or according to the amount of products to be stored in the compactum. The more clothes, toiletries, etc. your baby has, the bigger the size of the compactum. Compactums, beds, and bedside chests are also available in sets. Contact us today if you are looking for quality Compactums at the best prices.

Our Compactum ranges:

At Baby Furniture Direct, we have the following ranges of compactums:













Different Uses of Compactums

  • Compactums can be used for the storage of baby clothes and nappy care necessities;
  • Toiletries, such as Vaseline and baby shampoo, can be stored in a compactum;
  • Medicines that need to be kept out of reach of babies can be stored in a compactum;
  • Some compactums even have an upper deck on which a baby can lie when nappies need to be changed (serves as a changing station);
  • Babies can also be bathed on this upper deck by means of putting a small bathtub on top of it; and
  • Mementoes and photos can be displayed on a compactum.

Using the Compactum in the Nursery

There are a few things to remember when using your compactum in the nursery. These include:

  • It is important to ensure that the compactum is placed somewhere in the nursery where it is out of any draughts, but close to a power point for light and other equipment;
  • A small set of shelves can be mounted against the wall directly above the compactum. Extra supplies, or products that need to be kept out of babies’ reach (like medicines), can be stored on these shelves; and

It is a good idea to choose a distressed finish for your compactum. This way you ensure that the compactum will always look beautiful and be part of your house for a long time.

Contact us, Baby Furniture Direct, for quality kids compactums.

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