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Baby Cots for sale in Johannesburg, South Africa

Where to find the best baby cot in town

Baby cots (like our Sleigh, Eve, and Neptune cots) are one of those essential pieces of nursery furniture. Not only does it offers protection to your baby, but it also gives you as parent the comfort of knowing that your child is protected when left alone.

Our Baby cots also come in a wide variety of different colours, shapes and sizes. You as parent can literally pick and choose. Even the simplest ones can make the nursery look so much more babyish. A nursery would not be complete without it.

Ranges of baby cots for sale at Baby Furniture Direct

Different ranges of baby cots are manufactured by Baby Furniture Direct. Items for sale include:













Safety Considerations for Baby Cots

When setting up the baby cot, keep the following in mind:

  • It is best not to use pillows in your baby cots while your baby is very young.
  • Baby cots should always be positioned away from windows, power points, heaters, as well as curtain and blind cords.
  • Small objects should never be placed in the baby cot. It could cause your baby to choke. Also remember to keep the space uncluttered at all times. If it is not, a baby could climb on a pile of soft toys and fall over the rail.
  • Hot water bottles or electric blankets should never be used for babies when present in baby cots
  • The panels or bars of the baby cot should be spaced between 50mm and 95mm apart. If bigger gaps exist, the arms, legs, and even heads of babies can become trapped. It should be noted that the maximum spacing between panels and bars should not exceed 95mm if it is made from flexible material.
  • It should not contain any spaces between thirty and fifty. The arms and legs of babies can become trapped.
  • It should have a minimum depth of six hundred millimeters from the base of the mattress to the top.
  • The gap between the sides of the cot and its mattress should be less than twenty five mm.
  • It should at all times be placed in a safe spot. It is also best if locking brakes are present.

Contact us, Baby Furniture Direct, for quality baby cots (Like Sleigh, Bubble and Neptune cots). If you are looking for a baby furniture outlet to find baby cots for sale in the greater Johannesburg or Gauteng area, visit our showroom in Kramerville.

Baby Furniture Direct
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