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Cots and Compactums in Sandton, Gauteng

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Every parent would know that decorating the nursery can be one of the most tedious or exciting jobs available and will certainly keep you busy while you are waiting for baby to arrive. The baby room is the first place that you will be taking your baby into as you leave the hospital and you would of course want to have it be the most comfortable and inviting experience for baby.

As you are flipping through nursery magazines or browsing the internet for cots and compactums, you will see an extreme amount of different themes, types, styles and sizes of nursery furniture not to mention the vast amount of accessories, ornaments and educational toys. But don’t get yourself confused at the sheer thought of choosing one of each type of furniture from any catalog.

The most important thing you should remember is that you should first choose the two baby furniture items that have been deemed the most vital for both parent and baby’s well-being. With the cots and the compactums being the two most important furniture items, all additional furniture pieces could be purchased at a later stage and as your budget allows.













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The cot is essential for baby’s spinal development in a way that baby’s spine and bones are very soft at birth and should be properly supported and kept straight at all times. The cot should be sturdy and safe, the mattress should be sturdy and breathable and this important item of furniture should definitely be purchased by trusted and renowned supplier of cots and compactums in Sandton.

The compactum, when chosen wisely, can be the biggest helper in the baby room. This is a furniture item that, when properly designed should serve as a baby bath, changing table and storage facility all in one neat little package. A quality compactum should possess certain vital functions such as a fully washable surface, a totally removable baby bath for easy washing, a sturdy, warm and non-slip dressing table and also a fair amount of packing space at the bottom. You can get different types of compactums with each their own advantages such as a smaller and more compact PVC type with open packing shelves at the bottom or a sturdier solid wood version with a full chest of drawers at the bottom for a cleaner look.

One thing is for certain and that is that if you phone a reputable supplier of cots and compactums in Sandton such as Baby Furniture Direct, you can be certain that one of our qualified representatives will be more than happy to assist you with the best cot and compactum for your needs.

We aim to meet all your modern nursery furniture needs.

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