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How to select Baby Furniture

Decorating a nursery with the correct baby furniture is a common dilemma frequently experienced by many parents. You as parents should decide on a theme which you think would fit your bundle of joy while still retaining that sense of innocence associated with all babies. An important consideration is to purchase baby furniture which is as practical as it is pretty. After all, your baby will grow more curious and active as time passes. Three aspects to keep in mind when selecting baby furniture are its design, its functionality, as well as the safety aspect regarding the baby furniture.

The Design Aspect of Baby Furniture

Before purchasing baby furniture for the nursery, the first step is to decide on a proper theme. Your baby’s personality and personal preferences will play a big role when it comes to the design of both the nursery and baby furniture. Is he interested in sport, cars, animals, or cowboys? Is she fascinated with fairy tales, music, or ballet? Narrow the choices and let your baby pick – the nursery together with the baby furniture becomes more special if he/she “helped” pick it and put it together.













The Functionality Aspect concerning Baby Furniture

Functionality is an important aspect when purchasing baby furniture. The stools should be sturdy, and you should make use of non-leaded paint. The nursery furniture should contain surfaces which are easy to wipe clean; rounded corners will thus work best in this case. The desk, your baby’s “work space”, should be big enough to hold all sorts of stuff, such as books, educational toys, paper, crayons, etc. Other functional baby furniture includes compartments or shelves where puzzle pieces, art materials, and other knick knacks can be stored.

The Safety Aspect regarding Baby Furniture

The advantage of purchasing specialty baby furniture is that you are more or less assured that it not only meets safety regulations, but that the baby furniture is build for a baby’s proportions. The attractive design of the baby furniture also encourages the baby to sit and play. This is his chair, his table, and for babies, that sense of ownership is a big factor in building self-esteem. Your baby will grow more independent with time, and the role of you as parents is to provide just enough freedom in a safe environment; like a nursery where all the baby furniture is baby-friendly. He/she can thus be left alone for long periods of time while exploring on his own and learning to play independently, without mom or dad worrying all the time he/she will break something (or his/her neck!). That alone makes an investment in specialty baby furniture worthwhile.

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