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Moses Basket for sale in Johannesburg, South Africa

A Moses basket allows you to take your baby with you if you need to move to another room in the house. A Moses basket does not take up a lot of room, and you can even use it for something else when baby is too big to use it anymore. Even though a Moses basket is simple to use, like other baby products, steps need to be taken to always ensure the safety of baby. Depending on the quality and brand, Moses baskets range in price from fairly inexpensive to very expensive. A Moses basket is ideal for parents who do not have a baby monitor. Moses baskets are also great for when you sit outside with your baby.

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Instructions on how to use Moses Baskets

  • Place the Moses basket on the floor in a safe place. Never place it near stairs, doors, drapes, or within the reach of pets. Do not place or leave the Moses basket on any piece of furniture, such as a table or couch. It should remain on the floor at all times
  • Use a blanket to line the bottom of the Moses basket with. Some Moses baskets come fitted with blankets or padded bottoms. However, if your Moses basket does not, simply fold a blanket of your own and lay it in the bottom.
  • Swaddle the baby with a receiving blanket. To swaddle a baby, lay the blanket on a flat surface in a diamond shape. Fold down the top corner of the blanket to create a flat edge. Lay the baby on top of the blanket with baby's head just above where you folded the corner down. Take the right side of the blanket and wrap it completely around the baby with the end tucked under the baby. Fold the bottom of the blanket up over the baby's stomach and chest. Then take the left side of the blanket and wrap it completely around the baby.
  • Lay the baby in the center of the Moses basket. Note that you should never leave the baby unattended while sleeping or laying in the Moses basket. As soon as the baby is able to sit up without any assistance, the Moses basket will not be safe or suitable to use any longer. 
  • To help support the weight of the Moses basket and the baby, you need to place your one hand under the Moses basket while lifting the Moses basket by the handles with the other hand. It is best not to use the Moses basket as a means of carrying the baby around, but if you must move it, you can.













Moses Baskets for Sale are a great new addition to the nursery

As is the case with all other parents-to-be, you and your spouse also need to discover the wonderful world of baby nursery furniture. Particular items that form part of this baby furniture include Moses Baskets for sale, rocking gliders, breastfeeding chairs, and sleigh cots. Baby nursery furniture items all play a vital role in the upbringing of your baby. However, the Moses Baskets for sale is especially of great importance considering the function they perform in the day to day passage of you and your baby’s time spent in the nursery.

The benefits of Moses Baskets for sale far outweigh any expensive price or negative complaint that could possibly be linked with them.  Moses Baskets for sale can be compared to a safety enclosure which protects your newborn baby from any harm.  It will also keep your baby warm and cozy during those long winter nights. And then there is of course the big advantage of carrying baby around in it for hours on end.  All of these characteristics associated with Moses Baskets for sale sure make them one of those must have baby furniture items that will be a great addition to any baby nursery.

Baby Furniture Direct is a supplier of Moses Baskets for Sale

Every mother and father only wants the very best for their baby in life. This is an inherent trait of any parent. We at Baby Furniture Direct are sure that this also applies to you. For this reason you should consider buying your baby’s nursery furniture, among which Moses Baskets for sale, at Baby Furniture Direct. Because we regard sturdiness and safety as a top priority in any piece of baby nursery furniture we sell to you as the general public, we believe that all babies should have the privilege of using our Moses Baskets for sale

When purchasing baby nursery furniture pieces from Baby Furniture Direct, you as parents will have the peace of mind of knowing that the Moses Baskets for sale are worth every penny spent on it. This means that it will last a lifetime. You might even pass it along to your grandchildren when the time comes. This will mean that the Moses Baskets for sale lasted a very long time indeed. Baby Furniture Direct is proud of the positive reviews and references our products receive from parents everywhere. Thus, if you happen to have a little bundle of joy on the way and are still in need of some quality Moses Baskets for sale, why not make use of Baby Furniture Direct.

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