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Kids Beds Supplier in South Africa

When you look for children's furniture, the two most important factors you should look for is durability and versatility. The more functions the one piece of furniture possesses, the more popular it will be.

One problem that all parents find with kids rooms is that there is a definite lack of space. Between the child’s homework, hobbies and sports gear there is little space for any additional accessories such as ornaments, lamps and pretty things. How many mothers have vowed to get rid of the huge amount of toys before Christmas as there is simply no space for anything else?

One piece of furniture that can assist every parent with the nightmare of limited space is the range of baby furniture and kids beds in South Africa. And to be more specific, the beautiful range of kids bunk beds available at a reputable children's furniture outlet such as Baby Furniture Direct.

A bunk bed is basically two beds in one. At the bottom would be a standard bed, usually single or three-quarters with standard legs. Just above the lower bed is another complete bed, including a latter and/or elevated safety sides.













Kids Beds from Baby Furniture Direct

There are many types of nursery furniture and kids bunk beds in South Africa in terms of sizes, shapes, themes and colours that you could choose from. Just remember that the most important feature of a bunk bed is that it gives you the extra bed on top. 

When you are lucky enough to have had twins and they are at school-going age, you must remember that most houses only have three bedrooms which usually consist of the master bedroom for the parents, a guest bedroom and the child/children's bedroom. If you have a four-roomed house, you could fit all the rooms with a bunk bed as well.

The problem you will be faced with is that, as the children grow up close to each other being the same age, they will more than likely want to share a room. As room space is limited, what better way to accommodate them by fitting a bunk bed? That way, each of them can choose where they want to sleep and it will only take up the space of one bed!

Bunk beds can also be used as a bed at the bottom and a “storage shelf” for teddies and precious toys at the top, leaving you free to fill up the room’s shelves with ornaments, lamps and other necessities.

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