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Kids Furniture delivered in Centurion, Pretoria

One of the headaches for parents when it comes to organizing a child’s room is of course packing and storage space. As there is forever a lack of storage space due to birthdays and holidays’ spoils, one is forever purchasing storage containers that just seem to be reaching the roof and yet there is still no space for movement.

Before one heads out to nursery furniture or kids furniture shops again, take a look at these handy and helpful hints and advice regarding storage containers in your child’s room.

Make sure that the height of the storage facility is within easy reach for the child. So no, a heap of stacked containers reaching up to the roof will not be the best choice. Rather invest a little more in a chest of drawers or a cupboard that can close and leave the room looking neat and tidy.

As mentioned above, rather purchase an item from a baby furniture or kids furniture shop in Pretoria which the child can use in his/her first apartment such as a chest of drawers. A specially made toy chest will only have limited storage facilities and it is likely that the child will outgrow the chest, leaving you to store it in the garage for years to come.













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One excellent area to store unused items such as old teddy bears, previous years’ school books and love letter written to you by your child is to place them in a container and push it under the bed. The space under the bed is often wasted and could actually house quite a lot of items or containers. You could even purchase a children's’ bed with built in drawers to be both functional and look neat and tidy.

Every person should know how to install a shelf as this is one of the most versatile items in the world. Any quality kids furniture shop in Centurion would stock many sizes, types and colours of shelves along with its proper screws and fasteners. Installing is as easy as drilling and tightening the screws and you will be left with a whole length of storage space.

You could also fill the room’s door with hooks on which you can hang umbrellas, school cases, jackets, gowns and even beautiful ornaments.

It is important though to not just buy a whole lot of storage items and stuff the room full of boxes and shelves leaving no room to move. Request a quote for kids furniture in Centurion and let Baby Furniture Direct assist you in making the most out of the space in your child’s room
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  • Thank you once again! The rocker was just delivered and assembled. I am truly impressed with everything

    Samantha Kleynhans
  • Thanks so much for your quick & excellent customer service with the delivery of my products!! It’s much appreciated.

  • I have collected the Stokke products this morning. Will unpack tonight. Thanks for the good service and help.

  • Thank you for your good service and for always phoning me back. It’s been a pleasure dealing with you.

    Charlene Hefer
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