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Kids Furniture suppliers in South Africa

Like any other project, the process of purchasing kids furniture in South Africa is something to be planned, prepared for and considered in detail, or else you could just end up purchasing unnecessary items. Here are three important factors to consider before purchasing any furniture for your child’s room.

Saving space with well designed Kids Furniture

Most South African homes are built in a way that the main bedroom is the largest with the other two bedrooms (of which one or both will be the child/children's bedrooms) being much smaller and further away in the home.

When fitting kids furniture or baby furniture into the child’s room, space would therefore be one factor from which planning must be done. Purchase furniture that can perform more than one duty such as a headboard that has a built-in book shelf, a bunk bed with storage drawers installed below the bed and storage chests that can be used for chairs by putting a cushion on it.

The main factor to consider before purchasing kids furniture is the safety issue. All furniture, beds and shelves must be made from solid materials and be sturdy to prevent any injury to the child using it. Examples thereof are loose safety rails on the top bed of a bunk bed, protruding and/or sharp edges on furniture and fastenings like bolts that have not been securely fastened.













Proudly South African Kids Furniture

Paints that are used should be lead free as it has been certified a toxic product and all heaters including wall-mounted heaters should not be made from asbestos like the more traditional types.

Style is a very important factor as it will depend on both the child and your personal tastes. Also remember that your child’s preferences will change through the years and that “peter pan” duvet set will not be as favourable at 14. Choose something neutral for instance wood that has been white-washed as this will give a classic, beautiful feel as well as making it more possible to fit with any interior decoration. Classic pieces of kids furniture will more often be used by the child when moving out of the house, giving it a longer life than being stored away in a dusty garage.

Baby Furniture Direct are deemed as one of the most reputable suppliers of nursery furniture and kids furniture in South Africa. Requesting a quote online one of our professional representatives will be sure to give you only the best advice that will suit your needs.
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