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Nursery Furniture in Roodepoort

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Every parent always strives to give baby the best, but could also over-compensate when they see our range of nursery furniture in Roodepoort. If you look at the wonderfully extensive range of nursery furniture in our Roodepoort branch, you might not be able to see past the packaging or display and ignore the most important aspect of purchasing the nursery furniture items in the first place – which is to keep baby safe, comfortable and complement the growing process of the spine and neck.

Luckily for you, we at Baby Furniture Direct have made these tough decisions easy for you by creating both a user-friendly website and professionally grouped displays in our Roodepoort nursery furniture branch to enable you to have a clearer picture of what nursery furniture items priority items.













With our very extensive range of baby furniture, accessories, bath products and baby clothes you are bound to find the answer to all your needs for nursery furniture in Roodepoort and if you still can’t decide, one of our friendly and knowledgeable representatives will be there to assist.

One very important item of nursery furniture is definitely the pram.  Below we will discuss what to look for when shopping for this very important piece of nursery furniture in Roodepoort.

Important features of our high quality nursery furniture in Roodepoort in terms of the pram:

  • Reclining features of up to 130 degrees for different stages of growing baby’s spinal needs.
  • The weight of the pram should be light enough to lift up yourself but it should be made from sturdy materials such as steel and chrome so as not to topple over or blow away with strong winds.
  • UV, wind and sand resistant outside materials.
  • Easily cleanable interior materials for cleaning up spillages.
  • Comfortable but breathable interior padding.
  • Adjustable handles to suit your height and comfort levels.
  • Rotating handles so that baby can be turned away from the sun.
  • User friendliness in terms of collapsing and folding out.
  • Ability to store neatly or load into the car.
  • Lockable wheels.
  • A high quality brake system.
  • Enough storage space such as a basket attached to the pram and includes extra pockets with zips for storing important items such as car keys and wallets.
  • 5-point adjustable safety harness.
  • A tether strap for the mother to be tied to the pram during use.
  • A removable bumper that could be removed as baby grows bigger.

If you have never visited our store, contact us today for helpful information regarding the most important pieces of nursery furniture in Roodepoort.

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  • Thank you once again! The rocker was just delivered and assembled. I am truly impressed with everything

    Samantha Kleynhans
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  • I have collected the Stokke products this morning. Will unpack tonight. Thanks for the good service and help.

  • Thank you for your good service and for always phoning me back. It’s been a pleasure dealing with you.

    Charlene Hefer
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