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Sleigh Cots a must have for Baby Furniture Products

A sleigh cot is one of those must-have pieces of baby furniture without which a nursery would not be complete. It is an amazing variety of bed that has a curved or scrolled headboard and footboard. The sleigh cot got its name due to its resemblance to a sledge. It is interesting to note that the headboard of a sleigh cot is slightly larger than its footboard. Outward tumbling tops are a unique characteristic of the sleigh cot. The graceful design of the sleigh cot was inspired by ancient Roman and Greek Primeval civilizations.

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Sleigh Cot a Beautiful Decoration for any Nursery

Due to all its twirls and adornment, a sleigh cot lends a magnificent look to any nursery. The stylish rolling edges of the sleigh cot are in stark contrast to the jagged edges and block designs of other cots. A sleigh cot is usually the main piece of nursery furniture in a nursery due to its charming outward façade.

Construction of a Sleigh Cot

The modern sleigh cot is both slimmer and smoother when compared to the more traditional form of sleigh cot. However, the modern and slim façade of the sleigh cot still boosts the awkward footboard and bulky assembly. Nowadays, there is also a wide assortment of designs and sizes in which the sleigh cot is available. The patterns of the headboard and footboard vary from minimal to heavily ornate.

Interesting points regarding the construction of a sleigh cot include:
  • Unlike some time ago, an assortment of substances is used in the construction of a sleigh cot. Apart from wood, steel, aluminum, and iron are now used as well;
  • Rose and mahogany wood are primarily used to construct a toboggan-like sleigh cot. It is your duty to ensure that your baby’s sleigh cot was made using 100% furnace dried hardwood to make it both strong and durable;
  • A plank system and quality framing should support the footboard of the sleigh cot. It is important to remember that if you would like the sleigh cot to be the chief focus of the nursery, it must comprehend a tall headboard;
  • You as parent should have a look at various assortments of sleigh cot before selecting one. The sleigh cot you choose should be suitable in accordance with the style of the nursery. If this is the case, your baby’s nursery will receive extra character and depth; and
  • Whether you purchase a lavish version of sleigh cot, or a more standard version of sleigh cot, it is still the absolute centerpiece for your baby’s nursery.

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